ARIA High Roller Series events conclude with big wins earned all-around in high-stakes poker action

Just a few days ago, the ARIA in Las Vegas hosted several high roller poker events. The casino’s poker room has become a home for high-stakes events, with pros as well as amateurs trying to nail down a win. This past week, players were able to take part in two $10,000 tournaments and two $25,000 events. This was a little bit higher action than the previous month and might be a sign of larger events to come in the future.

Event Details

One of the $10,000 events was able to draw a field of 51 players. This created a large prize pool of $510,000. Eight places would earn a payout, and, in the end, it would be Matas Cimbolas and Johan Guilbert going head-t 7BALL CX o-head for the first-place finishes.

Cimbolas would hold the chip lead going into the final round and Guilbert would never be able to gain any ground to turn things around. Cimbolas took down the win, earning $163,200 for his effort. Guilbert took home $107,100.

The next $10,000 poker event had a slightly smaller field of 47 entries. This created a prize pool of $470,000. Cimbolas decided to stick around, and it was a good thing he did. The player made it to the heads-up round again, this time, taking on Sergio Aido. Cimbolas would be knocked out in second place, but still earned $159,800. Aido took home $159,800 for the first-place win.

The $25,000 Event

One of the larger events during the High Roller action in Las Vegas was the $25,000 tournament. With 36 players competing, the event brought in a $900,000 prize pool. When the final table of the tournament started, Bill Klein would have one of the smallest chip stacks, but he did not let that deter him.

Klein was able to build a solid stack and hold on to reach the heads-up round, taking on Seth Davies to try and earn the win. During the match-up, Klein would win a key hand, which would turn the tide. With A-K, he would defeat Davies threes and eventually earn the win.

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For the finish, Klein would earn $324,000. Davies would take home $216,000 for the second-place finish.

Daily Tournaments

Along with the special high roller action, the ARIA also offers daily poker tournaments. Players can visit the poker room from Sunday to Thursday and access $140 events with a $3,000 guarantee. Chip stacks start at 20,000 and the event is scheduled for 1:00 pm.

On Fridays and Saturdays at 1:00 pm, the poker room hosts $240 No-Limit Hold’em event with a $5,000 guarantee. Each of these daily events provides players with premium poker action while visiting the ARIA along with special events that are planned on a regular basis.