GeoComply to Work with Resort Digital Gaming to Tackle Chargebacks

Credit card chargebacks are a growing problem in the gambling industry. This is why companies are trying to get ahead of the issue by turning to trusted partners. For Resorts Digital Gaming in New Jersey, this trusted partner is GeoComply and the company’s Chargeback Integration solution.

Tackling Chargebacks Problem with GeoComply and Accertify

GeoComply introduced CGI earlier in 2022 in a bid to offer companies a new way to fight what the company described as an “escalating problem.” A chargeback is essentially a practice where the end party or vendor has not received the payment before it had been canceled by the consumer.

However, the vendor still treats the transaction as complete and allows the consumer to access the product – whether it’s casino credit, a sports bet, or something different. However, thanks to GeoComply’s solution, and thanks to Accertify, a portal that focuses on payment networks and merchant acquirers.

Now, Resort Digital Gaming will benefit from a powerful, tested, and trusted solution that will help protect the company and offer a level playfield for everyone. Resorts Digital Gaming CEO Ed Andrewes has welcomed this new opportunity and partnership and said that the company was delighted to be collaborating with a reliable partner to address card chargebacks.

We are delighted to pioneer this industry-first solution and to do our bit to raise the bar ever higher against fraud.

Resorts Digital Gaming CEO Ed Andrewes

Andrewes said that this collaboration with GCI ufa888 was a positive step forward and a way to address a growing problem that has cost the company a significant amount. In the case of GeoComply, if a customer disputes a payment, GCI is capable of immediately producing a Compelling Evidence Report that can establish whether a consumer really order the payment, or it was a mistake.

GeoComply Understands the Problem at Hand

GeoComply director of business development Mahmoud El Shennawy explained the underlying cause of the problem and spoke that chargebacks have been putting a lot of strain on business operations over the past years.

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“GCI will boost the bottom line and improve operators’ relationships with credit card companies,” Shennawy said. Accertify and GeoComply have been working on the solution since mid-2022 and have so far been satisfied with the results.