Macau DICJ Now Demands Tests for Casino Entry

Macau has updated its COVID-19 testing mandates with the casino regulator also stepping in and releasing a statement early on Tuesday. New testing guidelines will apply to gambling establishments that have been brought to a painful halt due to the spread of the COVID-19 infection that is running in the hundreds. While these properties remain open, there are hardly any patrons in sight.

COVID-19 Makes Casino Entries Harder

With news that the zero-COVID-19 policy may last for as long as five years, this is not good news for the enclave which is particularly dependent on gambling revenue and tourism. Starting from Friday, July 1, though, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau or DICJ will mandate tests for everyone visiting casinos.

Casino employees, patrons, and even public servants would have to first show a negative COVID-19 test before they can enter the premises of the facility. They must have completed the test in the 48 hours prior to their request for entry. As per the latest news statement, Macau’s health authorities said this morning that 57 new additional cases of the disease have been already recorded.

This way, the caseload has gone up to 414, the highest it has ever been in the special administrative region. Apart from a nucleic acid test, though, anyone who has complied with this and presented a negative test would also have to take a rapid antigen test before they start their new shift.

This is the latest measure enacted by the SAR in order to protect the health of residents and tourists. Macau though is also not too keen on letting staffers pick up the bill, so the six concessionaires will have to make sure that they pay for employees’ antigen tests. They will also have to pay for the 48-hour nucleic acid test as well. DICJ further added:

Following the tiger711 communication between DICJ and the gaming operators, the gaming operators are working to comply to the Macau Special Administrative Region Government’s pandemic prevention policy and have made appropriate arrangements accordingly.

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DICJNo End of Trouble in Sight

Macau tried to relax its strict COVID-19 measures in March 2021 but requested everyone to use a digital registration system before an entry into a casino is granted. Macau is effectively experiencing an unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19.

The latest measures come in the wake of the DICJ issuing a similar order yesterday in which they recommended casinos reduce their on-site personnel and use stricter health protocols.