OddsMatrix Presents Fast Markets For Upcoming Football Season

OddsMatrix, the flagship B2B sports platform powered by EveryMatrix, has presented “Fast Markets” just ahead of the start of 2023-24 football season, which allows various operators to provide the latest array of immediate wagering options in real time at different individual moments of the game.

“Fast Markets” description:

The said product will provide flagship lodivip sportsbooks with a wide variety of time-driven in-game wagering options, offering brands an additional source of profit just in time for the latest football season across a variety of top leagues. Additionally, brands will have the opportunity to provide different types of bets across a range of fixed time ranges such as 5, 10 and 15 minutes and after 5 minutes elapse between fixed times, involving a “goal to be scored within a specific time range by any, or a particular team, along with the winner of the time range.”

What’s more, since the product involves micro-wagering, micro-wagering is a low-cost sports wagering product with a high frequency, which many people see as a crucial driver in strengthening in-play betting across few sports. It also provides new chances for operators to transform, while enticing the latest generations of clients who find more satisfaction in immediate entertainment. In this way, it successfully raises the commitment of players and the money spent by casual players.

Commenting on the new product, CEO of OddsMatrix, Tor Skeie, said: “Fast, or micro markets are a subset of in-play betting that allows players to bet on individual moments in a game. This latest way to bet has grown sharply in popularity and, as always, we are ahead of the curve, offering our customers the latest betting products before this summer’s big kick-off across many football leagues. Fast Markets offers the real-time continuous betting opportunities of iGaming but with the skill of sports betting and we plan to build more betting options across many more sports in the coming months, particularly for U.S sports where tier-1 brands have already experienced significant increases in betting volumes as a result of micro betting.”

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“Fast Markets” to initially be launched just for football events:

The company will first debut “Fast Markets” just for football events. However, there will be additional stages that involve additional sports such as tennis, basketball and a number of other popular US sports that will be added later.


EveryMatrix launched its OddsMatrix e-Sports betting services in January 2019 and since then the product has grown at an accelerated rate, having reached a milestone of a EUR 100 million monthly average in total bets placed in 2021’s quarter-four.