PokerMatch Hopes Ukraine Will Lift the Sanctions against Its Local Arm

PokerMatch International has released an official commentary on the sanctions against PokerMatch Ukraine. The company’s Ukrainian subsidiary was included in a list of companies that were sanctioned for alleged ties with Russia.

PokerMatch Ukraine was one of 287 companies and 120 individuals that were just sanctioned by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. Despite regretting the decision, PokerMatch International said that it doesn’t expect the sanction to impact its global business.

We would like to inform our partners that these sanctions have no impact on the international operations of the PokerMatch brand. The company is not abandoning its plans to develop new regions and continues to provide its existing customers with a full range of services, including fulfilling all its commitments.

PokerMatch International statementPokerMatch Has Done a Lot to Develop Poker in Ukraine

PokerMatch said that it believes the inclusion of its partner in the sanctions list is a mistake since the PokerMatch brand was one of the first gambling companies to block the accounts of Russian players. In addition, the company said, it was also one of the first companies to block all assets of Russians across its platforms. Lastly, PokerMatch terminated its existing partnerships with Russian companies.

In addition to sanctioning Russia, PokerMatch also helped Ukraine by donating to the Ukrainian army and suffering families.

PokerMatch International continued by pointing out that it played a key role in the revival of sports poker in the Eastern European country. In addition, the poker brand helped Ukraine’s National sports poker team take part in the world sports poker championship in Dublin – an event from which it emerged victorious.

The global poker brand also pointed out that it has supported the opening of numerous clubs in Ukraine.

PokerMatc 291bet h Hopes Ukraine Will Change Its Mind

PokerMatch International reasserted that it is “devoted” to Ukraine and its people and hopes that the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine will rethink its stance.

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We have no doubt that the honest name of the partner will be protected by all available legal means and the state will change its position in relation to the company, devoted to Ukraine.

PokerMatch International statement

Despite everything, PokerMatch congratulated Ukraine on protecting its people from Russian influence amid the ongoing war. The poker company admitted that this demanding undertaking isn’t mistakeproof. However, PokerMatch reasserted that it hopes Ukraine would be open to dialogue and fixing its alleged mistake.