Prestigious planetary proposition for the Las Vegas Strip

In the western American state of Nevada and an entity known as Moon World Resorts Incorporated has reportedly proposed building a 1/75,000-sized replica of the moon right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

According to a September 23 report from the New York Post newspaper, the envisioned facsimile would cost in the region of $5 billion to construct and could begin welcoming guests from as soon as 2026 should everything go to plan. The developer purportedly envisions the as-yet-unnamed attraction being 735 feet tall by 650 feet wide and featuring approximately 5.5 million square feet of interior space to host a casino, nightclub, exhibition space and top-floor ‘lunar surface’ attraction.

Alluring adventure:

Michael Henderson is a co-founder of Moon World Resorts Incorporated and he reportedly told the newspaper that the coming development would feature a 292,011 sq ft replica of the lunar surface spread across a three-floor platform and accessed by means of a ‘shuttle station’. He purportedly asserted that guests would then be offered the chance to purchase a ‘Cirque De Lune’ experience for approximately $500 in order to spend 90 minutes on this simulated moonscape.

Henderson reportedly declared…

“People want something unique, something different, something ‘ lodivip wow’. Space flights cost $200,000 to $250,000 so the masses just can’t participate but with Moon World Resorts Incorporated, for $500, they can walk on an authentic lunar surface and enjoy exploring a lunar colony in a spectacular way.”

Supplementary seduction:

Moon World Resorts Incorporated reportedly detailed that it is hoping to bring similar venues to China, the Middle East and Spain over the course of the next five years with the plan for the Las Vegas development additionally encompassing a 130,000 sq ft casino as well as 50,000 sq ft of restaurants and bars. The developer purportedly disclosed that the envisioned venue could also feature a 75,000 sq ft shopping center alongside a similarly-sized spa next to a 2,500-seat theater, a planetarium, a 10,000-seat arena, 150,000 sq ft of lounges and clubs and a 5,000-seat events center.

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Accommodation aim:

As if all of this wasn’t enough and Henderson reportedly told the New York Post that his company’s envisioned Las Vegas venue would furthermore look to feature a 4,000-room hotel stacked underneath the lunar surface and run at five-star standards by a ‘hotel operator you would know well’. The entrepreneur purportedly proclaimed that visitors to this 2.8 million sq ft facility would be able to take advantage of curated views of outer space creations at prices that were ‘competitive’ with similarly-grand venues.

Finally, Henderson reportedly told the newspaper that these amenities would be complemented by 193,000 sq ft of exterior lagoons and other aquatic components, a 5,000 sq ft discovery zone and a 500,000 sq ft convention center alongside outdoor balconies packed with a beach club, an amphitheater and parking for up to 6,000 vehicles.