Holland Casino Celebrates Its Grand Opening Ceremony

Holland Casino had its grand opening ceremony to celebrate the Utrecht property in the Netherlands last week.  While the property has been running since September 2021, Holland Casino had to comply with COVID-19 restrictions which prevented large indoor gatherings at the time the property originally opened its doors for guests. With the restrictions lifted, though, the company had the opportunity to host as many as 1,200 guests on-site of the new property.

Holland Casino Holds Its Grand Opening Ceremony – A Year Later

The event was attended by Petra de Ruiter who was pleased to see the ufa365 brick-and-mortar company base grow across the Netherlands. The Utrecht property is the 14th in the country, an important achievement. The event had plenty of food and beverage to offer and had invited Dutch opera star Maria Fiselier among others who made sure guests were entertained.

De Ruiter welcomed the opportunity to be part of this experience as she only stepped into her position as chief executive in September. He said that it was a fantastic personal opportunity to be part of the Holland Casino team and its experience. She continued:

This festive evening was certainly no exception. Our people provide a safe and responsible range of games in a hospitable environment.

Utrecht visitors will not be disappointed as the venue is equipped with excellent gaming solutions. The company has 653 slots on-site along with 41 gaming tables. De Ruiter remained confident that the new property makes a perfect place where people can spend a pleasant afternoon or evening in person. Holland Casino’s operations, though, are hardly only limited to land-based gaming.

Holland Casino has expanded in the online gaming sector as well, and it adapted well to the changes in the gambling industry in the Netherlands. The company’s first-half results were robust, signaling strength and reliability for the brand. In July this year, Holland Casino extended its partnership with IGT for the latter’s Mega Millions exclusive wide area progressive jackpot or WAP.

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